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In English, links in Swedish

5 mars 2020 kl. 09:00-16:00
Introduction to the Stated Preference methodology led by Dr. Henrik Andersson, Toulouse School of Economics, France, and Dept. of Technology and Society, Faculty of Engineering.

21 februari 2020 kl. 10:15-12:00
Social Work and Eldercare. Håkan Jönson.
Plats: Socialhögskolan

6 december 2019
Stroke and universal design.
Charlotte Magnusson, LTH Certec - Rehabiliteringsteknik

15 november 2019
The transport network and residential mobility.
Anders Wretstrand, LTH Inst för teknik och samhälle, Trafik och väg

14 oktober 2019 

The presentation will be in English

Law, health and social care. Current research and future challenges. Titti Mattsson, Juridikum

Long-term care is support that is needed by older persons with limited ability to care for themselves due to physical or mental conditions. The support, depending on the degree of need for support, will often be provided at home in Sweden. In this seminar researchers from the Elder Law program present and discuss their current research projects and some current and future challenges from a legal perspective.
Martina Axmin highlights some results from her study of EU cross-boarder long term care for older persons.
Mirjam Katzin presents some results from her study of the privatization of long term care for older persons in the municipalities in Sweden.
Titti Mattsson discusses some problems of long term care for persons with dementia.

6 september 2019
Egress, ageing and Fire Safety Engineering.
Enrico Ronchi, LTH, Inst för bygg- & miljöteknologi, Avd för brandteknik

10 April 2019
Presentation of the LU Thematic Collaboration Initiative: A social rights and social policy perspective on housing for the ageing population - addressing complex issues by transdisciplinary research
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Susanne Iwarsson, Marianne Granbom, Medicinska fakulteten, Inst för hälsovetenskaper, Aktivt och hälsosamt åldrande

3 April 2019
Presenting dissertation: Assessing capacity to decide on medical treatment: On human rights and the use of medical knowledge in the laws of England, Russia and Sweden
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Yana Litins’ka, the Department of Law, Uppsala University

28 February 2019
Thesis seminar
Activity and participation long term after stroke
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Anna Norlander, CASE PhD student

5 February 2019
Presentation of two Master theses relating to CASE

  • Beyond Being Physically Active: Culturing the Ageing Body, written with a theme of "Active and Healthy Ageing in Sweden"
    Key Nilsson, Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences, Lund University link to the master thesis
  • Existentiella aspekter av professionsöverskridande möten - Om etiska möjligheter och utmaningar i samverkansprojekt med utgångspunkt i Knud E Løgstrups författarskap.
    Ylva Johansson, Centre for Theology and Religious Studies, Lund University, PDF icon link to the master thesis

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24 January 2019

Research on Ageing and Supportive Environments Utilizing Current and Future Labs at Lund University. Workshop theme: Ideas and plans for the new forum medicum labs as well as existing relevant research infrastructure at LU and how researchers at CASE could make use of such facilities. Introduction to AGE-WELL Network of Centres of Excellence.
Steven Schmidt, LU, and Alex Mihailidis, University of Toronto

29 November 2018
1-day course in Participatory Photography, by PhotoVoice
Read more about PhotoVoice

23 / 25 October 2018
Workshop / Seminar
A Designed Life: Creating for Me & We / Dignity By Design: Delivering Lifespan Solutions for Global Equity & Inclusion; Lifespan Design: The Universal Challenge
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Patricia Moore, Columbia University

4 October 2018
Thesis seminar
Aspects of home and health among people ageing with spinal cord injury
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Lizette Norin, CASE PhD student

18 September 2018
Thesis seminar
Towards a self-management intervention - supporting activity and participation after stroke
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Emma Carlstedt, CASE PhD student

30 May 2018
LTH's contribution to CASE
Per-Olof Hedvall och Anders Wretstrand, Lund University

8 May 2018
Individual enforcement of age discrimination claims in Australia and the UK: Demographic ageing is a key emerging challenge for labour markets in the UK and Australia
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Dr Alysia Blackham, Melbourne Law School

Bioethics & vulnerability:Recasting the objects of ethical concern
Michael Thomson, professor of Health Law, Leeds and University of Thechnology, Sydney

Institutional Vulnerability and Legal Friction: Exploring Gender Identity, Reproductive Technology, and the Children’s Act in Denmark
Stu Marvel, the University of Leeds School of Law, Leeds, UK; Distinguished Scholar in Residence at Emory University School of Law; Visiting Assistant Professor at the Department of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Emory University Atlanta, GA
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19 April 2018
Presentation of ongoing research on ageing and technique
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Professor Tobias Olsson, Media and Communication Studies, Lund University

17 April 2018
Presentation of dissertation about how marketization has affected the organization of Swedish eldercare
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Linda Moberg, Uppsala University

19 March 2018
The right to community living for older people - future directions of the EU structural funds
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Professor emeritus Gerard Quinn, School of Law, Galway University, Ireland /VT 2018 guest professor at the Faculty of Law and RWI, Lund/

15 March 2018
Thesis seminar
Perceived aspects of home, health and well-being among Swedish people aged 67-70 years
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Maya Kylén, CASE PhD student

7 March 2018
Open lecture / Workshop
Understanding inter- and transdisciplinary contributions: applications for health ageing societies / Practical exercise to enable participants to position their research in the landscape of inter- and transdisciplinary research
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Roderick Lawrence, University of Geneva, the University of Adelaide and the National University of Malaysia